Bordentown Historical Society
302 Farnsworth Avenue
Bordentown, NJ 08505
The Boardentown Historical Society is the official organization that governs and cares from the Barton Schoolhouse. The Boardentown Historical Society is a private, non-profit organization originally formed in 1930. The organization is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to preserving the history of Bordentown for future generations. The society’s activities are made possible through individual contributions, grants, foundations, and government agencies; and earned income. The largest single source of income for the Society is annual membership fees and programs such as our Home and Garden Tours.

Currently the organization helps to maintain 59 historical sites located in downtown Bordentown, NJ. There is a walking tour for all of the sites available on the Historical Society's web page and tours are available to the Barton Schoolhouse and other historic sites by appointment.

Official Website:

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